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Request for Mayonnaise Cranberries From The Hardware Guy 11-25-06 Top of page

CRANBERRY-APPLESAUCE  ( didn't give 11-25-06

Take a bag of cranberries, put them in a pot with a little orange or cranberry juice just enough to wet the bottom of the pan so things won't stick and burn. Bring up to a boil, then cover, turn down the heat, and cook over medium-low heat until all the berries have popped and are soft. Turn out into a fine mesh strainer (or a food mill, if you're lucky enough to have one) and press all the pulp through the mesh (be sure to scrape the bottom of the strainer to get as much of the pulp as possible). Discard what's left in the strainer, and return the pot to the stove. Add sugar to taste usually between 1/4 and 1/2 cup. And then I cheat a little and use a jar of apple sauce, rather than making my own. (Hey, I believe in doing things from scratch, but homemade applesauce tastes pretty much exactly like the stuff from the store, so I prefer to save my apple peeling and chopping for more important things.) Stir to blend, taste for sweetness. And that's it. Chill until ready. It's got a nice smooth texture, that all-important cranberry zing, and a gorgeous red color. Perfect.


2 pkgs red jello, of choice
2 cups boiling water
#2 size can crushed pineapple
1 can jellied cranberries

Mix together and refrigerate until set.

BEST EVER FUDGE (jan/feb82pg1) 11-25-06

1 pound butter, melted with 1 pound Velveeta cheese

Sift together:

1 cup cocoa
4 pounds powdered sugar, and add to cheese mix.
Add 1 teaspoon vanilla.
Nuts to taste.

Cool and slice.


1 pkg. oreo cookies
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
6 squares almond bark or mint chips or cherry chips

Crush cookies very fine in food processor or by hand. Mix with cream cheese. Roll into small balls about the size of walnuts. Freeze for 1 hour. Dip into almond bark or chips of choice. Must refrigerate to store.


turkey roast, cooked and cubed
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of celery soup
chopped celery
1 jar turkey gravy
3 cups unseasoned croutons

Put into crockpot until cooked.

CROCKPOT DRESSING (nov/dec98pg6) 11-25-06

1 cup margarine
2 cups chopped onion
2 cups chopped celery
¼ cup parsley sprigs
13 cups dried bread cubes
1 tsp. poultry seasoning
1½ tsp. salt
1½ tsp. sage
1 tsp. thyme
½ tsp. pepper
½ tsp. marjoram
4 cups chicken broth
Some diced giblets, to taste
2 eggs, well beaten

Melt margarine in pan; sauté onions, parsley and celery. Pour mixture over bread cubes in a large bowl. Add seasonings and toss to coat. Pour broth over cubes, then add eggs; mix thoroughly. Put mixture in crockpot; cover and cook on high for 45 minutes. Reduce heat to low and cook at least 4 hours.

Tips, hints and helps: Can use crockpot liners to cook anything in the crockpot. 11-25-06

CHEESY MASHED POTATOES (same as PARTY POTATOES didn't give mar/apr94pg7) 11-25-06

8 potatoes, cooked and drained
8 oz cream cheese, softened
8 oz sour cream
½ cup margarine
¼ tsp. garlic powder
¼ tsp. pepper
1 cup shredded cheddar

Combine first 6 ingredients. Beat until fluffy. Place in buttered casserole. Top with cheese. Cover and bake for 45 minutes at 350°. Uncover and bake 15 minutes more.

100 YEAR OLD BREAD PUDDING RECIPE (mar/apr01pg5) 11-25-06

4 cups milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp. vanilla
1 cup sugar
½ cup raisins
3-4 slices of bread

Heat the milk. Beat the eggs. Add 1 cup sugar, a pinch of salt, vanilla and raisins (could substitute apricots or peaches). Add 3 to 4 slices bread. Stir well while adding warm milk. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Stir mixture and bake additional 25 minutes.


Mix a 4 serving sized pkg. instant pudding with 3-4 cups of milk. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

TURKEY DRESSING SANDWICH (jul/aug94pg3) 11-25-06

8-10 lb. turkey, cooked, cooled & cut up
1 pkg. Kellogg's crouton stuffing mix
½ cup chopped celery
¼ cup chopped onion
½ cup margarine
salt & pepper to taste
1 beaten egg
2 chicken bouillon cubes or 2 tsps. bouillon powder
1 cup hot water

Make a gravy by stirring together the turkey drippings, water and bouillon. Separately combine croutons, celery, onion, margarine, eggs and hot water. Combine gravy and crouton mixture. Mix in cut up turkey. Bake in oven one hour at 350°, or cook in crock pot on high 2-3 hours.


3 cups cooked, chopped turkey
3 cups broccoli florets, cooked
left over peas and carrots
1 pound ziti, mostaciolli, shells or mixed pasta, cooked al dente
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon Dom DeLuise Italian Blend
1/2 cup breadcrumbs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Spoon into a large casserole dish or lasagna pan. Sprinkle top with more grated cheese and 1/2 cup flavored breadcrumbs. Bake 30 minutes.

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