Open Line hosts from 1963 to 2005.

Jim Loyd Open Line host from January 1963 to May/June 1975. Unfortunately, Jim Loyd, the man that created the Open Line radio show back in 1963, passed away the week of March 3, 2002 at the age of 70. He will be missed by all. Our sympathy is with his family. Thanks for a wonderful show Jim.

Jim Rogers & Maggie Lee Open Line hosts from July/August 1975 to July/August 1975. Sadly these wonderful hosts have passed on. They will be missed by all. Our sympathies are with their families.

Jim Rogers Open Line host from July/August 1975 to January/February 1981.

Dave Hinman Openline host from March/April 1981 to November/December 1987.

Gary Edwards & Sharon Reeves Openline hosts from January/February 1988 to May/June 1990.

Dwayne Schmidt & Sharon Reeves Openline hosts from  May/June 1990 to July/August 1997.

Jerry Carr & Sharon Reeves Open Line hosts from September/October 1997 to November/December 1997. Sadly, Jerry Carr, "The Old Cherokee", a previous host of the Open Line radio show back in 1997-1998 passed away the week of September 1, 2003 at the age of 76. He was also an on air personality for WMT radio for 30 years on a late night and early morning show until his retirement in 1996.  He will be missed by all. Our sympathy is with his family.

Gary Edwards Openline host from January/February 1998 to January/February 2000.

Frank Balvanz, Kristina Kelly, Eric Solomon, Doug Wagner, Randy Lee, Andy Jeffries, Joe Punzack, Andy Petersen, Matt James (no longer hosting March 2004), Brian Anderson, Jim Doyne, Jeff Chittick. Openline hosts from March/April 2000 to present.


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